Euro Golden Cup

Lace up your boots and put your shin pads on in preparation for Euro Golden Cup, a frantic online slot to send football fans into a frenzy. Will you crash out early in the season or go all the way and lift the trophy?

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Desktop Game

Desktop Game

Euro Golden Cup

Euro Golden Cup

Go all the way in Euro Golden Cup

Provider: Microgaming

Game Type: Slot Game

Payout: 94.35% - 96.13%

Available on Mobile: ✔︎

Available on Desktop: ✔︎

UK Compliant: ✔︎

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Why You Should Play Euro Golden Cup

Genesis Gaming’s creation is sure to be a hit amongst football fans up and down the country, with a retro soundtrack and sporting capturing the thrill of the game. Follow the action closely as you aim to impress both on and off the pitch and, at 25p for a minimum bet, this slot certainly won’t break the bank, giving you enough change for a hearty pie and warming Bovril at half-time.

There’s a whole host of bonuses and features to shout about on the terraces, with three different levels to play for. You need to collect trophies to progress through the game, so it’s time to make space on your mantelpiece!

How to Play

Choose your bet using the navigation menu along the bottom of the screen, adjusting the value with the two different arrows. Select the question mark symbol to find out more information, from game rules and features to paylines and symbols.

Press Spin to play, and see if you can convert your chances into goals. Best get practising! Put your footballing rivalries to one side as you train to collect as many Shirt and Player symbols as possible, all worth different amounts in today’s transfer market. The more you collect, the better you will perform. The flags you collect during the 90 minutes appear on top of the reels, your main attacking weapon in unlocking the bonus games.


Trophy Collection

Players can collect trophies to unlock different features if flags appear on both reels one and five, or by landing three or more Scatter symbols. It could be Sweden, Portugal, Belgium or France – it just depends who’s on form once you enter this magnificent sporting arena. 15 trophies unlock the Euro Golden Cup Level Two Games, and 30 will buy you Level Three.

Playmaker Free Spin Feature

The referee’s red whistle is the Scatter symbol, and landing three or more will activate the Playmaker Free Spins. The officials are prepared to let the game flow, with 10, 12 or 15 free spins and Stacked Sliding Wilds, depending on the level of competition you reach. That’s as good as scoring a forty-yard free-kick!

Scoring three or more Scatter symbols in Level Three will please the fans with a Penalty Shootout Feature, where your winnings increase, the more times you hit the back of the net. Convert all five of your penalties to hit the jackpot. A forceful blast into the top right-hand corner, or a calm chip straight down the middle – you decide!